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Today, global leaders see manufacturing as the engine powering a wide range of initiatives—from infrastructure development to energy efficiency. Their focus on industrial growth and sustainability shouldn’t be surprising considering manufacturing accounts for roughly 17% of the global GDP and 23% of direct

Have you ever watched a press conference when a room full of reporters bark questions at the same time? Typically, the media event host will call on a particular reporter to repeat the question and then move on to the

As the world focuses on sustainability and reducing carbon footprints, industries are seeking innovative solutions to make their manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly. In a conversation with Torey Penrod-Cambra from HighByte, we discussed how Industrial Data Ops supports sustainable manufacturing

You don’t have to agree with environmental policies to know that sustainability is a part of business and life today. Supply chain partners, regulators, customers, and investors are demanding more environmental accountability from manufacturers—and with good cause. According to the

DataOps is a new category of software solutions that address the data architecture needs of industrial companies as they adopt Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, and Smart Manufacturing. DataOps solutions perform data contextualization and standardization and provide secure data flow to

The promise of Industry 4.0 has many manufacturing leaders thinking big. They envision a future in which real-time access to data opens the door to unprecedented levels of operational flexibility, predictability, and business improvement. For many, early-stage wins often lead

Industry 4.0 adopters in factories around the world recognize that industrial data is gold. More users and systems want access to this data in real time to convert it into valuable information they can act on to predict machine failure,

Most industrial IoT difficulties are rooted in data management shortcomings. However, these challenges are not the same as those faced in a purely IT setting. For example, operational technology (OT) data is high-velocity time series and event information that many

IIoT practices are having an impact, but Developers struggle to scale successful AI/ML projects. WHY? Data management is many times the culprit. Industrial OT and Business IT are not the same. For example: Business data is delivered in batches or transaction