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Digital transformation of the global workplace has impacted every aspect of the way companies do business. Much has been made of how smart, connected technologies are working behind the scenes to ingest, blend, and analyze data 24 hours a day, empowering

The energy industry is entering a new era, triggered by the relentless rise of renewables, electric cars and smart grids. And like previous industrial revolutions, technology – and the willingness to embrace it – will determine the winners and losers. Over

When it comes to suggesting the best storage option for IoT big data, there’s a divide in the industry. Some say the next IoT revolution won’t happen in the cloud, it’ll happen on the edge. Following that trail of thought

Machine learning enables organizations to harvest a higher volume of insights from both structured and unstructured data than they could otherwise accomplish with traditional business intelligence solutions. 1. A New Dimension in Predictive Analytics In today’s economy, all business is becoming data

With the arrival of the Industrial Internet of Things, manufacturers are finding themselves at the forefront of fast-moving, disruptive and revolutionary change.  Among other things, this change is quickly introducing components for the creation of a smart factory. The concept

Prior to taking important financial decisions, it is common practice to investigate current tools and make some calculations to find out alternatives with the best returns on investment. Though deep analyses are not always made, fundamental economic indicators such as

Equinor’s LNG facility on Norway’s Melkøya Island cools natural gas from the Barents Sea to minus 160 degrees Celsius, fills it into special tanks, and delivers it to ports around the world. To do this work, it particularly also uses

Make sure your Connected Machine/Equipment project delivers real value - for you and your customer. You want to connect your units in the field for an enhanced customer value proposition and an improved Services business case? There are many ways how

IoT is driving the next industrial revolution. But hackers now see the supply chain as an easy target. The challenge: to mitigate the risk and drive more efficient, connected production, but without neglecting to invest in security and training –