Manufacturing Success Through Data-Driven Operations

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Manufacturing Success Through Data-Driven Operations

Many manufacturers have faced more change in the last five years than in the previous 20. Increased complexity, competition and a changing environment is putting more pressure on manufacturers to increase agility and flexibility to meet customer demands while operating at higher levels of efficiency and resilience. Digital solutions offer a path to succeed in this environment. Still, they create a growing digital divide between those who can benefit from these solutions now and those who have not started their digitalization journey. Recently we announced a solution suite that helps manufacturers accelerate their Manufacturing 4.0 journey.

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know, the better off you are. But how do you know what you don’t know?

When it comes to manufacturing, knowing more means tapping data-driven insights and visibility across physical assets, processes and systems. By implementing end-to-end solutions that leverage data from machines and sensors, ubiquitous connectivity, sophisticated predictive analytics and AI, manufacturers can harness the kind of operational insights that can optimize production, regardless of ever-changing factors. This level of intelligence helps reduce operational overhead and cost through more accurate forecasting and optimal resource usage.

Our solution magnifies a manufacturers knowledge by extracting data from industrial equipment and support systems to guide data-driven decision-making. Notable enhancements announced in today’s launch include new functionalities that play key roles in boosting the manufacturing value chain. From modules that increase resiliency through enhanced end-to-end supply chain visibility, to features that source data from multiple points to offer more accurate productivity and maintenance forecasting, and tools that overall increase digitalization on the factory floor, this upgraded suite is packaged for every stakeholder across the value chain in the manufacturing process.

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Sid VermaThis article was written by Sid Verma. Sid is a GM of the Mfg Practice at Hitachi Vantara, focused on incubating and growing the services and solution footprint at our discrete  / process mfg customers along with Hitachi Front BUs. Specializing in the Oil/Gas, Power/Utilities and Industrials/Mfg/Aerospace industry, Sid Verma brings in more than 20+ years of strategic problem solving and delivery experience; advising C-Suite/ Senior Officials to help organizations transform their businesses, monetize new technologies and improve their bottom line.