[Survey Results] Building Industrial IoT Systems

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[Survey Results] Building Industrial IoT Systems

Industrial IoT is fueling improved productivity and efficiency for organizations in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, automotive, and energy worldwide. As technologies advance, more companies are executing IIoT initiatives to minimize downtime, reduce costs, and become more agile to respond to changing market conditions, making IIoT essential to long-term competitiveness.

Digital transformation and deployment of IIoT projects need alignment, ownership, and support to be successful. A staggering 80% of IoT projects fail to scale due to the complexity of integration and the inability to support scaling systems. If these challenges are not adequately addressed and accounted for at the onset, the implementations are destined to fail.

What can companies expect when implementing an IIoT strategy that can scale to the data demands of the business and prove ROI quickly? HiveMQ partnered with IIoT World on a survey of 350 IIoT professionals to delve into the challenges they are facing, which technologies they are adopting, and how they plan to show the business impact of IIoT in 2024. These are the key themes that emerged.

IIoT has significant business impact

Professionals agree that IIoT can increase productivity, improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and reduce overhead costs.

Stakeholder buy-in is critical

Top challenges to implementing IIoT systems include leadership support, lack of budget and uncertain ROI, and cybersecurity.

If you don’t have an IIoT strategy you’re falling behind
74% of the companies surveyed have already deployed or are in the process of developing an IIoT strategy.

The time is now to integrate IIoT data for AI and ML
Nearly half of respondents are integrating Machine Learning and AI applications and services into their IIoT strategy.

MQTT continues to lead as the industry-standard protocol
60% of respondents have deployed, plan to deploy, or consider MQTT as their protocol of choice for IIoT systems.

Find out what’s driving and delaying the business impact of IIoT in this report sponsored by HiveMQ.