How IIoT Creates Real-Time Visibility for Manufacturing – IIoT webinar and Q&A

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PTC webinar on IIoT

How IIoT Creates Real-Time Visibility for Manufacturing – IIoT webinar and Q&A

Recorded version of “How IIoT Creates Real-Time Visibility for Manufacturing” webinar and Q&A

Creating real-time visibility in operations is about delivering the right information at the right time to the right person. In today’s factories, manufacturing visibility is often limited because of disparate IT and OT systems, reports based on data from last week, and static, paper-based processes. Industrial IoT has the power to transform visibility in operations by breaking down these silos and delivering information in real-time with role-based applications. Whether it’s for an operator, maintenance team, controls engineer, or plant manager, better visibility empowers everyone to see information in real-time and make data-driven decisions that create meaningful value to help drive the outcomes manufacturers need to stay competitive.

Topics of “How IIoT Creates Real-Time Visibility for Manufacturing”

In our virtual conference entitled “Transforming Operations: How IIoT creates real-time visibility for Manufacturing”, that took place on April 23, 2019, speakers from Delloite and PTC discussed the following topics:

  • Industrial IoT innovations, Technology Trends and Applications
  • Real-Time Visibility in Manufacturing / Operations using IIoT
  • ROI for IIoT in Manufacturing

As we had too many questions during the panel discussion, here are the answers to the uncovered questions during the Q&A session:

Q: Question on Scaling between a top-down or bottom-up approach. Since innovation happens in the field (shop floor), how can we scale up an idea from the shop floor and scale up to the enterprise? Are there other best practices to follow?

A: The best approach to scaling successful pilots is to demonstrate the value to the enterprise. If you were able to measure success, how does that translate into meaningful savings and align with enterprise objectives?

We’re happy to help partner with you on these discussions and scale successful pilots. Please reach out to us.

Q: I represent a Machine Learning company, what is the process for becoming a partner of PTC?

A: Please contact us via this link.

Q: How is 5G going to impact edge computing?

A: PTC and Ericsson have partnered to bring Smart Manufacturing solutions, including 5G. To learn more about the partnership, please visit this link.

Q: Can we have a quick example of an implementation for IIoT that went through the Think Big, Start Small, Scale fast?

A: Woodward is an excellent example of a PTC customer that has applied this methodology. You can read more about their success here. Woodward’s first deployment saved over $1.7M, and they are in the process of rolling out across their enterprise. Contact us if you’d like to hear more examples or discuss an agile approach to IoT.

Q: How to change the mindset of CEOs who are expecting fast ROI in terms of IIoT, yet are not willing to risk to adapt IIoT (as it costs a lot of time and money)?

A: The best approach to gaining C level interest is to demonstrate value and ensure that it aligns to business objectives. PTC is happy to help with these discussions and have developed an ROI calculator to show how much your company can save. If you’d like more information or would like to get the conversation started, please reach out to us.

Q: I am a Digital Transformation consultant. How do we get started or learn more with Thingworx/Vuforia platform?

A: If you’re looking to try the ThingWorx or Vuforia platforms, we encourage you to visit the ThingWorx Developer Portal, where we host our free trials.

In case you missed this virtual conference sponsored by PTC, you can still register here and watch the recorded version of the event.

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