Benefits of Industrial Equipment Monitoring

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Benefits of Industrial Equipment Monitoring

OEMS have the power to create new revenue streams and extend new services to customers by using IoT to monitor their equipment. Insights can lead to better parts and products, and provide an advantage over competitive offerings.

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform has already helped a number of OEMs implement cloud machine monitoring solutions, and here’s why: When a product is purchased and released, manufacturers often have limited data about how the equipment performs in its intended environment, although this data is immensely valuable. By retrofitting or manufacturing your equipment with connected sensors, you can monitor the condition of machines in the field to offer low-cost condition-based maintenance solutions to customers, and/or gather data points for future product improvements.

Some of Losant’s clients have created new revenue streams using the data from their IoT applications, by offering their customers a proactive approach to maintenance and industrial equipment monitoring.

Three Benefits of Industrial Equipment Monitoring

1. Know More: Product development and innovation

Make future product improvements and decisions with real data from the field. Each year, product managers from a range of industries fund research studies to learn how products perform against different environments, how customers prefer to use products, how to improve. Losant can help you collect, organize, analyze and use the data from your products.

2. See More: Real-time data from your machines

Provide your customers with real-time information from new or existing machinery using edge gateways. Get a competitive advantage by allowing your customers to monitor conditions and keep track of production from anywhere using an app. Users can visualize data on indoor maps, comparison graphs and more with the Losant platform.

3. Offer More: Proactive maintenance solutions

Losant Edge Compute is used to tap into the data already available on your machines and report it to the cloud. Field technicians can respond to inconsistencies in specific components instead of spending time diagnosing a problem. Remote cloud monitoring can help reduce your customers’ maintenance spend and overall operational costs, reduce the frequency of service calls and extend the life of your machines.

Download the Losant Industrial Equipment Monitoring Brief to learn more about the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform.

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