The 2021 Ransomware Survey Report

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The 2021 Ransomware Survey Report

Fortinet recently surveyed 455 business leaders and cybersecurity professionals worldwide to gauge their state of readiness to defend against the growing challenge of ransomware. Most are very or extremely concerned about the threat of a ransomware attack, with many seeing those attacks as a more significant challenge than other cyber threats. The majority feel prepared and report having a strategy that includes employee cyber training, risk assessment plans, offline backups, and cybersecurity/ransomware insurance. But despite these plans, two-thirds also claim to have been the victim of at least one ransomware attack.

The survey is designed to better understand the following:

– How concerned are security leaders about the threat of ransomware attacks?

– How did the pivot to remote work and learning from home affect their cybersecurity posture?

– How confident are they in their existing countermeasures, and what else do they plan to deploy?

Top Ransomware Concerns

Read the full report to learn more about:

– The State of Ransomware

– Ransomware Survey Overview

– Top Ransomware Concerns

– Preparedness

– Protection and Defensive Measures

– The Need for Integration and Intelligence

– Regional Variations

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