Winning the digital game with
a collaborative ecosystem

Virtual Conference sponsored
by Schneider Electric

July 9, 2019

9:00 - 10:15 EDT

What you'll learn:

Big data, Al, digital twin, lloT, SG, Edge. Digital innovation requires a major mind shift. As traditional industrial companies, we must approach digital innovation through the lens of the customer and/or business challenge to solve. Only then does the latest tech or trend become a powerful enabler – not the end-goal. But the reality in today’s fast-paced digital economy is that no single company can tackle the most pressing challenges alone. We need to rally together within a community of problem solvers to drive Fast, scalable, secure, and valuable digital innovation to create digital solutions and new business models – especially if we’re going to win digital’s long-term game.

Learn how an open, collaborative digital ecosystem connects you to technical resources and tools, communities of experts and partners, and a digital marketplace to Create, Collaborate, and Scale business-relevant digital solutions, software, and services. Discover how the open Schneider Electric Exchange business platform brings together experts and innovators from across industry, software, and startups to solve sustainability and efficiency business challenges – use case by use case – with agility, speed, and relevance.

Key Topics Covered

  • Seizing the business value of IIoT, big data, and AI
  • Building an AI project dream team with data scientists, AI specialists, and domain experts
  • Creating new digital business models
  • Adopting a collaborative approach to digital innovation via an open ecosystem
  • Schneider Electric Exchange use cases


Harry is ARC's lead analyst for the Distributed Control System (DCS) market. In addition, ARC leverages Harry's utility expertise in its coverage of Smart Grid, industrial networking, networking and communication standards, and the electric power vertical industry. His research topics include the DCS integration and architecture, Smart Grid, Smart Metering,

In his CDO role, Rajesh Ramachandran drives digital strategy, thought leadership and execution of ABB Industrial Automation’s digital portfolio and business growth. He brings 30 years of global leadership experience with a record of building and transforming technology and innovation-driven businesses

An entrepreneurial software engineer with global business leadership experience and a passion for digital transformation. Lucian has worked in the industrial software and automation industry since 1998. He holds a BSEE from Cleveland State University and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from Case Western Reserve University. He has worked in various

Greg previously served as the CEO of Tangent Company, inventor of the Watercycle™, the only commercial residential direct potable reuse system in the country. Greg holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University, a Masters of Business Administration in International Business from Case