The true cost of integrating IIoT into your business

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the cost of integrating iiot in your business

The true cost of integrating IIoT into your business

Many companies are hoping for strong returns on their Industrial Internet of Things investments—but they’re being surprised by some unexpected deployment costs. One component of Industrial IoT investment is identifying the business value of adopting Industrial IoT initiatives but an equally important part is accounting for hidden costs. Our panelists at IIoT World Days 2020 will delve into a practical breakdown of costs and investment expectations based on experience working with hundreds of companies to deploy their fleets of connected devices. This panel will cover (amongst many things): Where to start with IIoT A breakdown of costs when integrating IoT into business processes and products Why hardware has a critical role in successful IIoT solution How product lifecycle affects your profitability Get your ticket here. Also, for more details about the event, visit

This session at IIoT World Days is sponsored by Siemens.


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