Safe Skill-Aligned On-The-Job Training with Autonomous Systems

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Safe Skill-Aligned On-The-Job Training with Autonomous Systems

What happens when technology advancements threaten to automate people’s jobs?
That question is on the minds of many as research and development in artificial intelligence and machine learning rapidly advances.

Recently ASU received a million dollar NSF Convergence Accelerator Grant to create autonomous systems that are not only more adaptable and efficient in manufacturing environments, but also have built-in adaptive tutoring systems that will cooperate with factory workers and retrain them to use AI technology so they are not displaced from their jobs. This multidisciplinary project is focused on using AI to augment the workplace rather than replace workers.


Join today’s “Robot coworkers: How AI impacts the future of work” session at IIoT World Days 2020 for unique insights about robotics and AI.


The session will be live between 4:15 PM – 5: 10 PM ET. You can access the session via browser using zoom here.

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