How to Drive Innovation with Industrial IoT and 5G

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How to Drive Innovation with Industrial IoT and 5G

The previous decade saw incredible advances in technology. Cloud computing, smartphones, and broadband connectivity are a few examples of technologies that started just a few years ago, and yet, they are now part of the standard toolset we use to build our products today.

This new decade will see even faster innovation, fueled by the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G. As Product, Technology, and Innovation Leaders, it’s time to stop talking about “the future” and start focusing on the next generation of innovations we can build and profit from today.

In this talk, Daniel Elizalde will share practical insights on what it takes to build commercial solutions using these cutting-edge technologies. You will learn useful principles that go beyond the technology itself and give you a holistic perspective on what it takes to succeed in the era of IoT and 5G.

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Daniel Elizalde heads the D-15 IoT studio at Ericsson in Silicon Valley. He has 20 years of experience in managing the complete lifecycle of IoT products in many industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and renewable energy. Before joining Ericsson, Daniel worked as an IoT product coach helping Executives and Product Leaders develop successful IoT product strategies.

He also held product leadership positions in startups as well as large corporations. Daniel has trained over 1,200 professionals around the world on his approach to IoT including his popular classes on IoT Product Management at Stanford University.

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