FlowFuse at Hannover Messe: Enhancing Industrial IoT with Node-RED and Low-Code Solutions

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FlowFuse at Hannover Messe: Enhancing Industrial IoT with Node-RED and Low-Code Solutions

At this year’s Hannover Messe, in an interview with Zeger-Jan van de Weg, CEO of Flowfuse, we discussed the significant strides FlowFuse is making in the industrial IoT space, particularly with their enhancements to Node-RED, a popular low-code platform.

Understanding Node-RED

Node-RED, originally developed by IBM, is an open-source project that has become integral in the IoT for data acquisition, normalization, transformation, and visualization. It allows line operators to interact with and modify their operational contexts based on the data presented. ZJ explains how Node-RED facilitates data flow from point to point within industrial settings, making it a pivotal tool in manufacturing and building management.

FlowFuse’s Enhancements to Node-RED

FlowFuse has not only embraced Node-RED but has also introduced unique upgrades to meet the diverse needs of its users, spanning from small-scale setups to large industrial environments. These enhancements include Single Sign-On (SSO) for heightened security and compliance, role-based access control, and enhanced communication capabilities for point-to-point and remote interactions. The aim of these features is to simplify the scalability of deploying Node-RED across multiple instances, ensuring that the right personnel have the necessary access without compromising security.

Democratizing Automation Across Industries

FlowFuse’s mission is to empower companies of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with the benefits of automation. ZJ emphasized that while large companies are often early adopters of new technologies, the suppliers in the supply chain also feel the pressing need to digitize. FlowFuse addresses this by simplifying complex automation processes, like robot programming, into user-friendly applications through Node-RED. This approach demystifies automation and makes it more accessible to non-specialists in the field, inspiring SMEs to embrace the potential of these technologies.

Plans Beyond Hannover Messe

ZJ also provides insights into FlowFuse’s plans beyond Hannover Messe. The company is dedicated to maintaining a thriving community around Node-RED with initiatives like Dashboard 2.0, which simplifies user data visualization and interaction. This community-centric approach is at the heart of FlowFuse’s strategy, ensuring that the solutions remain at the forefront of technology and are user-friendly, enhancing user satisfaction and continuous improvement.

FlowFuse’s presentation at Hannover Messe showcases their commitment to advancing industrial automation through smart, scalable, and secure enhancements to Node-RED. FlowFuse sets a new standard in how industries adopt and implement IoT solutions by democratizing technology and fostering a robust community. Their work exemplifies a significant shift in industrial IoT, where accessibility and user engagement are just as crucial as technological advancement.

The interview was recorded by Lucian Fogoros during the Hannover Messe 2024. This summary was created based on the video transcript with the assistance of https://chat.openai.com. It was edited by the IIoT World team.

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