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Edge as a service for factory modernization

At this year’s Hannover Messe, Parm Sandhu, the Vice President of Enterprise 5G Products and Services at NTT Data, shared his expertise on the integration of AI and edge computing in the manufacturing sector. His insights not only reflect a broader industry trend but also highlight NTT Data’s commitment to smarter, more efficient production processes that leverage the latest in technology to enhance operational outcomes.

Real-World Applications at the Edge

NTT Data’s technologies are not just theoretical concepts, but they have real-world applications. For instance, they have demonstrated the use of computer vision and AI at the edge to enhance quality control. This was done using an Nvidia local edge processor, which efficiently handles extensive data loads. The setup allows for real-time analysis and decision-making regarding the quality of items such as circuit boards or automotive parts, without the need to transmit vast amounts of data back to a central system.

This localized processing capability is crucial for industries like automotive manufacturing, where precision and response time are critical. The ability to process data on-site reduces latency, enhances the accuracy of fault detection, and significantly improves the overall manufacturing process.

Enhancing Remote Accessibility and Security

One of the key benefits of NTT Data’s edge solutions is remote accessibility. Parm shared an instance where a glitch in a coffee machine at the event was quickly resolved through remote troubleshooting facilitated by their technology. This capability not only saves time but also underlines the importance of secure, reliable network connections that allow remote operations without compromising system integrity.

The Role of Private 5G Networks

Looking toward the future, NTT Data is putting a strong emphasis on private 5G networks. Parm describes a “5G network in a box,” a simplified yet powerful solution designed to allow businesses to develop and test applications in a controlled environment before full-scale deployment. This approach demystifies 5G and accelerates its adoption across various industries by making it more accessible and practical for everyday operational needs.

Broader Industry Implications

The applications of NTT Data’s technologies extend beyond manufacturing. They have the potential to revolutionize supply chain management by reducing errors in warehousing operations and ensuring that environmental conditions during storage meet strict quality standards. Such capabilities ensure products are stored and transported under optimal conditions, thus maintaining quality and compliance with regulatory standards.

The interview was recorded by Greg Orloff during the Hannover Messe 2024. This summary was created based on the video transcript with the assistance of https://chat.openai.com. It was edited by the IIoT World team.