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CxO Series Energy Transition Insights

In this episode of IIoT World’s “Energy Transition” series, we had the privilege of hosting Colin Parris, GE Digital’s Sr. VP & Chief Technical Officer. Colin shared his insights on how digital twins can accelerate energy transition, the challenges he faced while building his organization/product/use case, and the benefits of implementing Lean+Digital.

The concept of digital twins is becoming increasingly popular in the industrial world. Essentially, a digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical asset, process or system that allows for real-time monitoring, analysis and optimization. Colin explained that by creating a digital twin of an energy system, companies can better understand how it operates, identify inefficiencies, and develop targeted solutions for improving performance and reducing energy consumption.

However, building digital twins is not without its challenges. Colin explained that one of the biggest challenges he faced was getting everyone in the organization to understand the benefits of the technology. He emphasized the importance of educating the masses on the technology in layman’s terms, so that everyone can understand its value and potential impact.

Another important aspect of digital transformation is process transformation. Colin discussed the benefits of implementing Lean+Digital, a methodology that combines process transformation with digital transformation. He explained that by using Lean+Digital, companies can improve efficiency, reduce waste, and create a culture of continuous improvement.

When asked about his favorite debate regarding connected industry, Colin expressed his views on the common practices and beliefs in the IIoT realm. He believes that too many companies are focusing on technology for the sake of technology, without fully understanding how it can solve real-world problems. He emphasized the importance of taking a holistic approach, understanding the problem first, and then using technology to solve it.

Overall, Colin’s insights on digital twins, Lean+Digital, and the importance of taking a holistic approach to IIoT are invaluable for anyone looking to drive energy transition and achieve operational excellence. His experience with GE Digital provides a unique perspective on the challenges and benefits of digital transformation in the energy industry.

In conclusion, the “Energy Transition” series provides a platform for experts like Colin to share their knowledge and experience with the IIoT community. By learning from these experts, we can all work towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future. To join the conversation, use the hashtag #IIoTWorld on social media.

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