Bridging Technologies and Sustainability: Connect’s Role in Modernizing Industry

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Bridging Technologies and Sustainability: Connect’s Role in Modernizing Industry

At the Innovation Summit in Paris, Kim Custeau,  EVP Portfolio, Aveva, talks about “Connect,” a dynamic initiative at the forefront of integrating over 109 products from Aveva alongside Schneider Electric’s software components. This pivotal platform, Connect, acts as the foundational core of Schneider Electric’s ecosystem, revolutionizing how data from a myriad of sources is brought together and utilized.

Connect’s primary goal is to serve as a convergence point for disparate products, acting as a central hub where data from various sources coalesce. This aggregation is pivotal for advancing data visualization, artificial intelligence, and digital twin technologies. By serving as a data repository, Connect facilitates a two-way data flow, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of Schneider Electric’s extensive product lineup.

From a practical standpoint, Connect’s hybrid architecture exemplifies modern industrial solutions’ adaptability. Whether on-premises systems like HMI SCADA or cloud-based platforms, Connect enables seamless content sharing across enterprise levels, underscoring its role as a versatile enterprise solution. This adaptability ensures that regardless of a user’s location, they can access and utilize data effectively, making Connect a comprehensive tool for decision-making across enterprises.

For small to midsize companies, Connect opens a realm of possibilities by providing access to an ecosystem of partners and applications focused on specific challenges, such as carbon capture. This access allows companies to leverage tailored solutions that address their unique needs, promoting sustainability and efficiency.

The transition to digital solutions like Connect signifies a profound shift in workforce roles and responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of data literacy. Connect empowers employees by equipping them with data-driven insights, thereby enhancing decision-making processes. This empowerment is facilitated by generative AI, which provides rapid data access and contextual understanding, enabling employees to make informed decisions swiftly.

Moreover, the concept of the industrial twin, central to Aveva’s vision, is significantly enhanced by Connect. By breaking down organizational silos, Connect provides a unified view of real-time operational data alongside engineering content, enabling a cohesive understanding of assets and operations.

As Schneider Electric gears up for the upcoming Hannover Messe Fair, anticipation builds for the unveiling of new products and demonstrations. This event promises hands-on experiences with Schneider Electric’s latest innovations, showcasing the tangible benefits of Connect and its ecosystem.

This interview was recorded by Lucian Fogoros, Co-founder of IIoT World at the Innovation Summit 2024 in Paris. The summary was created based on the video transcript with the assistance of The IIoT World Team reviewed it.

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