The Advantages of Time Series Databases in IIoT

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Advantages of Time Series Databases in IIoT

The Advantages of Time Series Databases in IIoT

Welcome to a dynamic conversation with Evan Kaplan, CEO of InfluxData, hosted by Luchan Fogoros. In this insightful discussion, Evan sheds light on the pivotal role of time series databases in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), particularly in the manufacturing sector.

Advantages of Time Series Databases in IIoT:

Evan highlights the unmatched advantages of time series databases, emphasizing their ability to ingest and query data at high speed and concurrency. The discussion explores real-world applications, from monitoring manufacturing processes to managing energy trading in alternative energy solutions.

Driving Forces Behind Time Series Database Market Growth:

The accelerating growth of the time series database market is driven by the sensorification of the world. Evan predicts a shift towards modern data stacks. The interview underscores the need for a continuous evolution of these foundational components.

Future Developments in Time Series Databases:

Looking ahead, Evan envisions a significant transformation on the factory floor, emphasizing a shift from Operational Technology (OT) to a developer-centric approach. The discussion explores the rising importance of open-source foundations, cloud migration, and the integration of AI and predictive analytics in shaping the future of time series databases.

Advice for Navigating the Intersection of IIoT and Digital Transformation:

Evan shares valuable advice for businesses and professionals navigating the complex landscape of industrial data, data management, and digital transformation. He stresses the importance of building and hiring developer expertise to design the next generation of systems, leveraging open-source foundations and embracing modern data stack architectures. As the conversation concludes, Evan expresses optimism about the ongoing revolution in the industrial space, driven by a slow but broad transition towards embracing emerging technologies.

Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving landscape of time series databases and their impact on the industrial world.

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