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Nearly 70% of retail and manufacturing had already begun digital transformation projects before the COVID-19 pandemic, turning the supply chain ecosystem on its head. In a post-COVID-19 world, those digital transformations will likely accelerate, as suppliers and manufacturers turn to

Let’s face it, supply chains are complex and distributed. Operations matter, and for some it is truly a miracle how many coordinated parts come together into a seamless operation. In fact, some manufacturers have tens of thousands of suppliers, from

Your focus may be within your four walls – but the real value is shifting the Industrial IoT attention to your supply chain. While the latest edge computing consolidates, contextualizes and filters end-point sensor data near the point of creation, it

For manufacturers, managing the supply chain from beginning to end has been like traveling two superhighways interrupted by a long stretch of dirt road. Manufacturers have benefited from increasingly powerful tools for demand planning and logistics management – the first and

Since the days of the first ‘Internet refrigerator’, the Internet of Things (IoT) has come a long way, and far more practical uses for the IoT have emerged. For businesses that play an active role in supply chain fulfillment, the