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“Timely and secure information sharing can bridge the gap between vulnerability and security.” This was a key message from a webinar on ICS & OT Supply Chain Risk Management presented by Information Security Media Group. The webinar discussed how Industrial Controls Systems (ICS)

Digital transformation is a growing trend in the manufacturing and supply chain industries, driven by the need for increased efficiency and cost reduction. The global supply chain software market is expected to reach over $200 billion by 2027. Companies are

Business resilience has been top priority for enterprises as they aim to revive and grow their businesses in a post-pandemic era. Digitization of their existing supply chain is the first step in achieving this goal, and Internet of Things (loT)

The past two years have demonstrated that the familiar formula of minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency in global supply chains is often no longer enough. Now, redundancy and resilience should be added to the equation to address increasing supply chain

Sponsored by BlackBerry QNX OEMs in nearly every industry are becoming software-driven. But while software can provide differentiation, inefficiencies in internal development teams can throttle product innovation and lengthen time to market. These inefficiencies are often based on a growing array

The past five to ten years brought dramatic advances in sophisticated global supply networks. The latest generation of end-to-end supply chains were designed for “pull” rather than “push,” enabling the high efficiencies.  Entire value streams now operate with advanced software and

An IIoT Scotoma If you’re familiar with the term, you know that scotoma is typically referred to as a blind spot. Interesting to note about a scotoma is the idea that if you don’t believe it, you won’t see it. It’s

Nearly 70% of retail and manufacturing had already begun digital transformation projects before the COVID-19 pandemic, turning the supply chain ecosystem on its head. In a post-COVID-19 world, those digital transformations will likely accelerate, as suppliers and manufacturers turn to

Let’s face it, supply chains are complex and distributed. Operations matter, and for some it is truly a miracle how many coordinated parts come together into a seamless operation. In fact, some manufacturers have tens of thousands of suppliers, from