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The past five to ten years brought dramatic advances in sophisticated global supply networks. The latest generation of end-to-end supply chains were designed for “pull” rather than “push,” enabling the high efficiencies.  Entire value streams now operate with advanced software and

An IIoT Scotoma If you’re familiar with the term, you know that scotoma is typically referred to as a blind spot. Interesting to note about a scotoma is the idea that if you don’t believe it, you won’t see it. It’s

Nearly 70% of retail and manufacturing had already begun digital transformation projects before the COVID-19 pandemic, turning the supply chain ecosystem on its head. In a post-COVID-19 world, those digital transformations will likely accelerate, as suppliers and manufacturers turn to

Let’s face it, supply chains are complex and distributed. Operations matter, and for some it is truly a miracle how many coordinated parts come together into a seamless operation. In fact, some manufacturers have tens of thousands of suppliers, from

Your focus may be within your four walls – but the real value is shifting the Industrial IoT attention to your supply chain. While the latest edge computing consolidates, contextualizes and filters end-point sensor data near the point of creation, it

For manufacturers, managing the supply chain from beginning to end has been like traveling two superhighways interrupted by a long stretch of dirt road. Manufacturers have benefited from increasingly powerful tools for demand planning and logistics management – the first and

Since the days of the first ‘Internet refrigerator’, the Internet of Things (IoT) has come a long way, and far more practical uses for the IoT have emerged. For businesses that play an active role in supply chain fulfillment, the