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Sustainability and efficiency are nowadays at the top of the public agenda. Vendors, suppliers, customers and the public at large are looking at products and services through the lens of environmental change. Companies are striving to meet increasing innovation demands in

Smart buildings incorporate advanced digital technologies, algorithms and analytics, to bring new and significant value to tenants, building owners and operators. These benefits range from increased tenant productivity and safety, lower operating costs, and higher satisfaction. What value do cities

Next generation technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and data science, are poised to transform today’s cities into advanced smart cities. These cities are more resilient, safer, healthier, economically vibrant, and attractive to their

The year 2019 produced important game changes that help Facilities Managers wage war against cyber attacks on Building Systems. Prior to 2019, Facilities stood on the sideline, hoping the IT department would protect their systems, which did not happen (and

Farukh Aslam had a vision for a new kind of hotel – a smart, digitally transformed hotel that would use the latest advances in digital smart building technology, building/in-room sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) gateways and dashboards to not only

It was an attack on a hospital like no other, reported the news in February 2016. The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had been hacked. Its services were crippled. As emergency patients were diverted to other area hospitals, hospital administrators received

Buildings are an integral part of everyday life. With people spending an estimated 90 percent of their lives indoors, the drive to ensure that those buildings are comfortable, safe, secure and provide the functionality that we want is more important than ever. But

While climate change is right at our doorstep, threatening to wreak havoc, radical global action that could make a difference is still missing. Population growth and carbon emissions remain unabated. Cities are expanding at an alarming rate, adding 50 million

Eiffel Tower and the Atomium, color TV and the zipper: a World Expo is about spectacular structures and ingenious inventions. Architecture and innovative technology have never been as closely linked as they’re going to be at Expo 2020 Dubai. More