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Frequently, video solutions intended for industrial use are purchased by the organization’s security department. In most organizations, operations and security are different departments.  This often provides budget, control, and integration challenges within the organization. Treating the video system as part

Video should be part of every SCADA solution. In fact, all plant operations should consider adding cameras to existing operations as the technology is well understood and the returns can be significant and measurable. Troubleshooting manufacturing equipment and process upsets

Challenge: Tracking and Controlling Warehouse Inventory To keep daily operations running smoothly at large plants, manufacturers typically employ a staff of maintenance workers who are solely responsible for repairing and replacing on-site equipment. This plant equipment is stored within warehouse

Every year manufacturers worldwide lose billions of dollars due to disruptions and failures of automated production lines. Tangible costs include the loss of production, capacity, direct labor, inventory, and product.  Intangible costs are the ripple effect of these losses and