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The Internet of Things empowers digital transformations in tremendous ways and has already established a significant impact on different sectors, including retail, healthcare, construction, agriculture, and tech companies. IoT in the automobile industry plays a phenomenal role, in that it

With the inter-connectivity of devices becoming ever more present in our lives, it’s vital to bring security standards up to par. In the automotive industry, this can be especially difficult owing to its many unique properties that make the problems

The year 2018 and beyond is poised to be an era of industrial. The industrial market comprises of process industries (oil and gas - up-, mid-, downstream, chemicals, power), discrete (automotive, A&D, electronics, etc.) and hybrids (pharma, F&B, etc.). Every

Unplanned work stoppages cost global industries millions of dollars in lost revenue. Downtime can be caused for multiple reasons. Examples can be weather delays in airline companies or cyber crime which lead to infrastructure breakdowns. Susceptibility to failure persists, particularly

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become inescapable in reports related to IT. Each individual device on the IoT is identified by an individual Internet address, can access through the Internet and can interact with connected information systems. More and