Top 5 reasons to attend EMO 2019

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Top 5 reasons to attend EMO 2019

The EMO Hannover, Germany, is the world’s third largest machine tool market taking place this year in Hannover, Germany, September 16-21, 2019. Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Hannover, Germany, to get a preview of the show as part of an 80 media & analyst preview sponsored by EDO.  Below are my 5 reasons why you should attend the show scheduled for September 16-21, 2019. You may also join the mailing list to stay informed about this event & many other Industrial IoT advancements.

Smart technologies for the intelligent factory will be showcased

EMO Hannover is on its quest to addressing one of the major challenges facing the industry with its smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production theme. “What is decisive for intelligent factories is the comprehensive networking of people, plants and business processes along the entire value chain,” explains Dr. Schäfer, Executive Director VDW. Networking in industry is gaining momentum much faster because greater processor power is now available, which makes the processing of large amounts of data possible. According to estimates by the international market research institute IDC, 30 billion private and industrial endpoints could be networked worldwide by 2020.

Smart technologies are the key to greater productivity, better quality, and more flexibility. These are the classic goals for new and further developments in production technology. Digitalization and intelligent factory networking also facilitate new functions such as process monitoring or predictive maintenance, which go one step further with self-learning machines based on smart data and data analysis. These create the basis for new business models, like the platform economy, allowing customers and providers to reach the next level of efficiency.

Industry 4.0 area – smart solutions for your business

Learn more about intelligent components for process monitoring or operator support, solutions that ensure smooth data flow with maximum data security, and much more.

 Future of Work & Industry 4.0 Trend Forum

See the latest Industry 4.0 and machine learning trends firsthand, including presentations and panel discussions which will run throughout the EMO.

MTConnect or UMATI? That is the question.  

UMATI stands for universal machine tool interface. Find out the differences between existing MTConnect & UMATI. Watch Dr. Schäfer explain why there is a need for a new interface.

Learn why SME (under 50 people) organizations should embark on the digitalization journey. Watch Dr. Schäfer’s video below.

EMO Hannover presenting topics on the future of industrial production

EMO Hannover 2019 will be addressing production-related challenges, from machine technology and IT solutions to the changing world of work. It will highligh how much more productive, efficient, and flexible the next generations of machines will be. With many supporting events, it will show how networked production is increasingly spreading to all areas of the world. Order processing, production preparation and planning, manufacturing, and logistics will all change. Find out how at #EMO2019 @iiot_world.