Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and Fabrication Portability

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Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and Fabrication Portability

Today, the traditional concept of the large, static factory is becoming an outdated relic, thanks to Industry 4.0.  3D printing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and advanced human-machine interfaces are just some of Industry 4.0’s applications and components that are reshaping the manufacturing world.

Industry 4.0 Makes Fabrication Portability Possible

Since we live in a customer-centric world, manufacturers need to adapt quickly to customer preferences in order to stay competitive and not risk becoming obsolete. The demand for quicker response times and cost-effective production workflows has led to the evolution of a new driver– fabrication portability.

Imagine being able to move an assembly line from one location to another, from one manufacturing facility to another. For decades, the manufacturing process has required downtime of production lines for retooling in order to start production for a new product. Now, manufacturers can respond to the customer-driven supply chain by adapting and making line changes quickly by setting up a new production line in only a matter of days.

Top Trends for Smart Factories

Gain expert insight into the top emerging trends for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, and Smart Factories. Discover why now more than ever it is imperative to be up to speed on IIoT.

Read the full article for examples on how industry leaders are using fabrication portability, such as the Factory-in-a-Box package by Nokia and General Electric’s portable medical unit, KUBio.  KUBio allows hospitals and critical health centers to fabricate targeted viral responses on location versus dealing with the delay of large-scale production far away or out-of-country.



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