Sparkplug: The Key to Industrial IoT ROI

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The Key to Industrial IoT ROI

Sparkplug: The Key to Industrial IoT ROI

As Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments proliferate and mature, they are a source of service innovation, increased productivity, streamlined operations, and, perhaps most importantly, reduced costs for industrial and manufacturing organizations worldwide. Some companies are expanding their use cases, while others are just getting started. Grandview Research estimates the global market for IIoT stands at 263 billion and will grow to 1.11 trillion U.S. dollars by 2028 (Figure 1).

Grandview Research estimates the market size for IIoT

Achieving a return on investment (ROI) and deriving value from IIoT depends on one critical factor: data. Operational data powers use cases such as machine condition monitoring, improving OEE, and implementing preventative maintenance. Data connectivity and availability are often the primary challenges for IIoT deployments. As a result, we’ve seen increased adoption of two open standard messaging protocols that aim to solve data movement challenges and help manufacturers become data-driven – MQTT and Sparkplug.

MQTT is a lightweight, publish/subscribe messaging protocol ideal for connecting remote devices (e.g., the IIoT). MQTT has a small code footprint. This design allows data to move within a challenging communications environment with resource constraints or limited network bandwidth. MQTT has become the de facto standard for device messaging in IIoT communications, with millions of devices leveraging its capabilities.

More recently, Sparkplug has emerged as a new open specification that, when deployed in conjunction with MQTT, compounds business benefits by orders of magnitude in terms of cost savings, time-to-market, reduced complexity, and increased productivity.

This is an excerpt from the “Sparkplug: The Open Specification Critical to Achieving ROI in the Industrial Internet of Things” white paper written by HiveMQ. The paper focuses on business benefits, highlighting the positive outcomes and ROI that result from an MQTT/Sparkplug architecture. While some general understanding of the technical aspects of these deployments will help, the goal of this paper is to share how adopting Sparkplug will positively impact your business and help you compete more effectively while reducing costs.

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