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In my earlier article, we talked about the usage of machine learning algorithms in autonomous cars. Obviously, the process of training algorithms for autonomous cars, learning and implementation of machine learning is not without a huge set of challenges. Challenges in autonomous


Autonomous cars are very closely associated with Industrial IoT.  IoT combined with other technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, local computing etc are providing the essential technologies for autonomous cars.  Very inquisitive questions for many is how are these


Driverless cars – the concept has made a lot of hype over past eight to ten years. Though a lot has been going on this subject for as early as fifty years ago, studies have been done about how to


We are living in the era of 4th Industrial revolution – the evolution which is based on extreme automation of machine to machine communication, not only just the communication but way beyond. Machines can understand each other, negotiate with each


As we are moving towards autonomous world – the lines have started blurring between machines and human. As more and more machines are taking control of the real-life situations, the topic related to Industrial IoT law, legal and regulatory aspects


Nearly 70% of IoT and implicitly IIoT initiatives fail at the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage, according to a recent study by Cisco. Though the number looks high, it resembles the past records of other new initiatives such as cloud computing,