Transforming Operations:
How IIoT Creates Real-TIme
Visibility for Manufacturing

Virtual Conference sponsored by PTC

April 23, 2019

11:00 AM until 12:30 PM EDT

What you'll learn:

Creating real-time visibility in operations is about delivering the right information at the right time to the right person. In today’s factories, visibility is often limited because of disparate IT and OT systems, reports based on data from last week, and static, paper-based processes. Industrial loT has the power to transform visibility in operations by breaking down these silos and delivering information in real-time with role-based applications. Whether it’s For an operator, maintenance team, controls engineer, or plant manager, better visibility empowers everyone to see information in real-time, and make data-driven decisions that create meaningful value to help drive the outcomes manufacturers need to stay competitive. Join us to find out more about technology trends, real time visibility in operations and real-life ROI examp les.


11:00 – 1:05 

Welcome Introduction


Greg Orloff – CBDO, IIoT World

11:05 – 11:25

Industrial IoT Innovations, Technology Trends and Applications


Mahesh Chandramouli – Industrial IoT technology Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Session Description:

The global Industrial IoT market has been witnessing a significant growth over the last few years. This session would focus on how industrial IoT is increasing adoption of cloud computing in the industrial sector, innovations in the industrial space and the technology trends.


11:25 – 11:50

Real-Time Visibility in Operation using IIoT


Jordan Chaisson – Product Management, ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

Session Description:

Join the Jordan Chaisson, Product Manager, from PTC to hear firsthand why it pays to create real-time visibility In manufacturing. You’ll learn:
– How IloT can lower costs, increase operational performance, and improve product quality
– Real-time visibility use cases enabled by industrial loT, including: production monitoring, asset performance monitoring, workforce monitoring, and KPis
– Best practices for implementing Industrial loT, from both strategic and practical perspectives
– Case studies from manufacturers across a variety of industries

Justin Hester

11:50 – 12:15

ROI for IIoT in Manufacturing


Justin Hester –  Digital Transformation Director, PTC

Session Description:

Justing Hester, Digital Transformation Director, from PTC shares how to drive value through your organization with the digital transformation. In this session you’ll learn:

– How to create a roadmap for success with your organization’s digital transformation

– Best practices to help you drive a value based digital transformation through your organization

– Real world examples of how manufacturers are realizing value with their digital transformation

12:15 – 12:30

Panel Discussion/Q&A


Greg Orloff –  CBDO, IIoT World

Session Description:

– Open forum for virtual attendees to ask questions.


Mahesh is Industrial IoT technology Leader in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s IoT practice and has extensive experience delivering IoT strategies, solutions, and delivery engagements. He is helping enterprises fulfill their digital transformations  and unlock new opportunities using Industrial Internet of Things applications. Mahesh’s areas of

Jordan is a Product Manager for the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps. Her responsibilities include ensuring a great product user experience, defining manufacturing use cases, and overseeing our newly expanded free trial program. Before joining PTC, Jordan was a Senior Technical Product Manager at GE responsible for delivering software solutions from ideation to

Justin is a Digital Transformation Director at PTC where he is responsible for helping organizations realize value with their digital transformation journeys. Prior to joining PTC, he was a Manager at HIROTEC Corporation’s Advanced Engineering Center, where he led a global team responsible for creating and executing HIROTEC’s digital transformation for both

Greg previously served as the CEO of Tangent Company, inventor of the Watercycle™, the only commercial residential direct potable reuse system in the country. Greg holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University, a Masters of Business Administration in International Business from Case