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Predictive Maintenance allows you to offer new services to customers, where you use realtime data and insights from your deployed base of units to distance yourself from the competition and create enhanced customer value. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is the ability to

The tsunami of IoT application expansion is not likely to abate in the foreseeable future. New capabilities from smart consumer services to industrial use cases incorporating machine vision and complex system management are added to the IoT ecosystem regularly. However,

The movement towards Industrie 4.0 leads to a higher software penetration on the shop floor. Companies must sit behind the steering wheel if they do not want to run into trouble. A suitable software architecture is the basis for a

A major paper mill located in the southern U.S. selected IVC’s video management solution to monitor various aspects of mill operations: fire detection monitoring of loading/unloading of raw materials and product safety monitoring of boiler system monitoring flow of material

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to automation to solve their materials handling challenges. But as many are realizing, not all self-driving industrial vehicle companies are alike. The various robotic solutions on the market have vastly different degrees of flexibility, scalability and

Tesla is the only major automaker that offers over the air (OTA) updates of both car software and firmware. This allows Tesla to add new features like new voice commands, driver profiles or blind spot warnings that weren’t available when