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The heating and cooling infrastructure in Västerås is a complex operation managed by utility company Mälarenergi that lacked the visibility required for effective control. A collaboration between Mälarenergi and ABB allowed the collection of data that could be integrated into

What are the nine biggest challenges facing the global water industry and what can ABB do to to help resolve them? The world’s population is growing, and so too is the need for water, food and energy. By 2030, there

In most of the world today, power producers are operating in uncertain times. As traditional operating models are upended by new sources of energy, particularly wind and solar, steam power plant operators find themselves running plant and equipment in ways

Digitalization holds great promise for the power generation industry. However, a range of internal and market challenges can constrain its effective uptake and implementation for those early in the digital journey. Digitalization can play an important role in solving a

Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is inexorably gathering strength. Industry 4.0 introduces the digitalization of processes, the Internet of Things, the installation of widespread sensors in the physical environment and the ability to rapidly enhance production economics through real-time performance-data analysis. The new generation of