Paul Hobcraft, Innovation Knowledge Advisor

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Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft, Innovation Knowledge Advisor

Paul Hobcraft is valued for his consistency to champion and inform on innovation, increasingly focusing on technologies impact on this. A trusted “go to” resource that adds greater understanding around the management of innovation and its impact for others, those often ‘time-starved’ not able to ‘invest’ their time, who can seek out his suggestions, thoughts, and advice, based on his experience, and insights with innovation underpinned by a depth in researching on all that shapes the topic.

He is a frequent writer, striving to be informative, creative and knowledgeable in piecing together the broader understanding of innovation, so as to then advise and consult on this diverse topic by providing unique client insights and solutions, specific to their individual needs and circumstances, where the principal focus is on building innovation capacity, competencies and capabilities within innovation practice.

He focuses more on the work-to-be-done offering advisory services to support organizations in rapidly changing environments where the new value is searching and combining the different dynamics, network effects, relationship values and interactions, that are becoming critical to the future engagement within innovation management.

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