Faran Rolingson, Engineer

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Faran Rolingson, Engineer

Faran Rolingson is an ELEC/I&C Engineer (PO B) at Tennessee Valley Authorities. Faran has a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Before joining TVA, Faran worked as a Senior Control Engineer for Alabama Power where he was involved with several iterations and implementation of NERC CIP and cyber risk mitigation strategies. During his tenure at Alabama Power as a Senior Controls Engineer, he worked with several control platforms including ABB Distributed Control System. Furthermore, he was involved in managing, designing, and the commissioning of varying scale and scope of control upgrade and retrofits

Today, within his current role, he is involved with serving the Tennessee Valley within a Regional Engineering group which consists of the interaction of several TVA generation assets and various electrical and control platforms.

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