Daniel Ehrenreich, Consultant & Trainer

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Daniel Ehrenreich

Daniel Ehrenreich, Consultant & Trainer

Formal Education:
 B.Sc. Electronics: Graduated 1975
 Business Administration: Study 2008
 CISSP Course: Study 2014
 ISO 27001- 2013 Certified Lead
Auditor: Study 2017
 English, Hebrew, Hungarian

Current Activity: Consultant & Trainer, SCCE-Secure Communications and Control Experts
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Personal Qualifications:
 Over 25 years of experience with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition-SCADA and
Industrial Control Systems (ICS), deployed for electric power, water, sewage, oil and gas, etc.
Since 2010 combined this activity with Cyber security and provide consulting and training.
 Capable to conduct training on ICS and Cyber security solutions to a broad range of technical
and C-level audiences. This activity includes preparation of training material, publishing papers
and presentations at professional conferences and through the internet media.
 Actively teaching the ICS and Cyber Defense topic at CISO classes and provide consulting to
vendors of applicable solutions. Conducting private sessions on ICS and Cyber defense to
engineers, system integrators and end users.

ICS and Cyber Security Activities
2018 – Now Self Employed, ISO 27001-2013, Lead Auditor for ICS, Israel
Activity: Assisting ICS operator companies to be prepared for formal audit and compliance
Supporting vendors with tenders, defining cyber security training range, etc.

2014 – Now Self Employed, Secure Communications and Control Experts, Israel
Activity: ICS Cyber Security, Consulting, Training and Lecturing at CISO classes
2014 – 2014 Waterfall Security Ltd., Israel
Position: Director of Industrial Security for ICS cyber defense, Europe region
2011 – 2013 Siemens Israel Ltd., Israel
Position: Business Development, ICS Cyber secured solutions for power plants
1991 – 2011 Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd., Israel
Position: Business Development, ICS and Cyber security solutions, International regions

Recent and Scheduled Conferences
11-2018 Presenter OT-IoT Cyber defense sessions ate AICSC-2018 – Singapore
10-2018 Nominated Chairman of the leading committee for the 3rd ICS Cybersec 2018 – Israel
11-2017 Chairman of the leading committee for the 2nd ICS Cybersec 2017 – Israel
03-2017 Presenter OT-IoT Cyber defense sessions ate AICSC-2017 – Singapore
12-2016 Presenter at ISACA on Cyber Defense for Critical infrastructure – Ireland
11-2016 Chairman of the leading committee for the 1st ICS Cybersec 2016 – Israel