A power couple: Industrial IoT & Augmented Reality
How these new technologies join forces to increase performance and the bottom line

Virtual Conference sponsored by Siemens

May 30th, 2018

11:00 AM until 12:30 PM (EST)

What you'll learn:

Many companies are in different stages of their digital transformation journey. This 90 minutes virtual conference promises to take a deep dive into how Industrial IoT can improve the asset performance by minimizing cost and time with some real examples leveraging Mindsphere. We will also discuss global megatrends leading to the rise of Augmented Reality (AR) in manufacturing, adoption barriers and opportunities and how ready are manufacturers for IIoT/AR. The other topic will be focused on how Augmented Reality (AR) is used today in manufacturing and how can this technology improve the work environment.


Welcome Introduction


Lucian Fogoros – Co-Founder, IIoT World

Market Overview: Augmented Reality in Manufacturing


Mike Quindazzi – Managing Director, U.S. Digital ServicesPricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Session Description:

  • Global Megatrends leading to the rise of augmented reality
  • Augmented reality trends in manufacturing
  • Augmented reality adoption barriers and opportunities


How IIoT Can Boost Your Asset Performance


Jagannath Rao – Senior Vice President,Siemens Cloud Application Services

Session Description:

  •  What IIoT in manufacturing means in practical terms: basic technologies, data analytics and integration
  • How to start quickly with minimum cost, time, and no disruptions
  • Application examples with MindSphere
  • Siemens’ An Open Cloud Based IoT Operating System for Industry

From 3D Visualization to Augmented Reality in the Factory: Improve Your Work Environment and Make Better Decisions


Sandra DiMatteo – Global Director of Marketing for Asset Performance,Bentley Systems

Session Description:

  • Connecting digital and physical assets with augmented reality might seem like a stretch, but you can start today with an immersive 3D environment then move to AR as it becomes more readily available. Learn how to make realistic changes today towards the super power of AR tomorrow.

Panel Discussion/Q&A

Moderator: Lucian Fogoros

Experts: Mike Quindazzi, Jagannath Rao, and Sandra DiMatteo

Session Description:

  • Open forum for virtual attendees to ask questions about Industrial IoT/AR in manufacturing.


Mike Quindazzi is managing director and business development leader for the Southwest region and U.S. digital services for PwC. He has 28 years invested in gathering industry experience and crafting his management consulting abilities, leading teams and global companies on innovation, strategy and transformational initiatives. He is a keynote

Jagannath is responsible for the data-driven services business of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which includes MindSphere, the secure, cloud-based, open IoT operating system built for industry. His portfolio of responsibilities includes the widespread application of "Big Data" technologies in the realm of manufacturing, covering topics such as plant

An entrepreneurial software engineer with global business leadership experience and a passion for digital transformation. Lucian has worked in the industrial software and automation industry since 1998. He holds a BSEE from Cleveland State University and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from Case Western Reserve University. He has worked in various

Sandra DiMatteo is the Global Director of Marketing for Asset Performance at Bentley Systems. She has more than 20 years of experience in asset performance management and reliability software solutions, asset lifecycle information management, enterprise asset management operating in a connected data environment in public infrastructure, energy