How IIoT is Driving Automotive Manufacturing Forward

Virtual Conference sponsored by Hitachi Vantara

October 29, 2020

11:00 AM (ET)

What you'll learn:

Many organizations are struggling to realize the benefits of IoT, mIoT, IIoT, or any other naming convention used in the marketplace today to describe the Internet of Things . Most IoT initiatives never see the light of day and never go beyond the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase. That is largely due to the fact that most organization take a fairly IT centric approach to IoT and even when they take a business approach to it, it is mostly focused on a very limited aspect of the business and does not provide a roadmap to overall business enablement. That in return affects adoption and sponsorship. So it is not uncommon to see multiple IoT initiatives being chartered in an organization without coordination between the various stakeholders, utilizing various and different platforms that in essence defeats the purpose of IoT.

In this session Toyota and Hitachi Vantara will discuss the approach they partnered on developing to unlock the value of IoT by addressing key business areas and by focusing on business outcomes that are enabled through extraction of intelligence from operations and providing the business with actionable insights. The session will also focus on moving IoT initiatives from ideation to PoV and eventually Yokoten, roll out at a large scale. During the session, real life examples and use cases will be discussed to bring the conversation to life.


Scott MacKenzie, lives and breathes his passion for Industrial growth and success. His humble beginnings as a lathing contractor and certified journeyman/lineman gives him the field-cred needed to understand industrial challenges. His MBA and Post-Grad education opened the door to lead a team onto the NASDAQ while serving as President of a multi-national terminaling

Professional Summary: Kevin Purdy is vice president of Builders for Toyota Motor North America, overseeing Manufacturing, R&D, and Supply Chain Management for Vehicles and Parts. Purdy strives to provide innovative solutions that create efficiencies, productivity, and cost savings to his customers. Focus areas currently in

Sa’d is an IIoT expert at Practice development, Strategic planning, Business strategy, IT strategy, Enterprise Architecture, SOA, Cloud Computing, Agile and Iterative application development, Managed Services, Offshore application development, ecommerce and portals and has been at Hitachi for 14 years.

Greg previously served as the CEO of Tangent Company, inventor of the Watercycle™, the only commercial residential direct potable reuse system in the country. Greg holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University, a Masters of Business Administration in