How Equipment Makers Can Use IIoT Platforms to Unleash New Business Models

  /  How Equipment Makers Can Use IIoT Platforms to Unleash New Business Models

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How OEMs and machine builders can use Industrial IoT Platforms to unleash new business models

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Key Takeaways

Monitoring decades-old industrial infrastructure is possible today

While McKinsey suggests the OEM IIoT opportunity is huge, Siemens own research echoes that notion with an estimate that only three percent of the world’s plant machines are monitored.


Five ways MindSphere differs from other IIoT platforms for OEMs

Companies can now leverage cloud to close the loop through product ideation, realization, and utilization to seamlessly integrate operational data throughout the value chain — not only driving operational efficiency, but also comparing simulation and test results with real-world observations. Find out how MindSphere differs from other clouds for OEMs.


A new business model for OEMs is a must

To succeed in a world heading toward autonomous manufacturing, OEMs must think differently as they are starting to face a fundamental and growing challenge to their business models: industrial equipment lifecycles are becoming increasingly compressed, resulting in shorter timeframes to capitalize on and profit from their products.



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