Cybersecurity for the
Power and Oil and Gas Industries:
threats, challenges and solutions

Virtual Conference sponsored by Trend Micro

March 13th, 2019

2:00 PM until 3:15 PM EST

What you'll learn:

Security, both physical and cybersecurity, is a top priority for any industrial player, especially in light of the rise in cybercrime in the last years. For certain industries, not having the proper cybersecurity measures in place can affect more than just the company’s reputation. The Oil & Gas, Water & Energy industries are prime examples of such verticals. There is high adoption of automation and digitalization in these industries, which has made their processes leaner & Faster. However, it has also made them more susceptible to Cyber-attacks on the Physical and industrial asset.

In order to determine which water and energy companies are most susceptible to attack, Trend Micro research team reviewed millions of endpoints from companies self-classified as “Energy”, “Oil and Gas”, and “Utilities”.

Register to this webinar to find out more about where Water & Energy industries are most vulnerable. Baker Hughes, a GE company, will also help you to understand what are the security solutions and best practices in Oil & Gas and Energy sectors.


lucian fogoros

2:00 – 2:05

Welcome Introduction


Lucian Fogoros – Co-Founder, IIoT World

2:05 – 2:30

Feel the Flow: Where Water & Energy Industries are Most Vulnerable


Rober McArdle – Director FTR – Cybercrime Research at Trend Micro

Session Description:

Because Water and Energy (W&E) sectors are critical to the economy of every nation, it is easy to sensationalize stories about potential cyberattacks against them. The reality, however, is that any internet connected critical infrastructure is vulnerable. In order to determine which water and energy companies were most susceptible to attack, we reviewed millions of endpoints from companies self-classified as “Energy”, “Oil and Gas”, and “Utilities”.

During our investigations we found several vulnerable and unprotected W&E systems online, bringing with them a danger to these critical infrastructures. We will reveal how we found that most vulnerable were mid-tier organizations as larger organizations could afford many layers of defense, dedicated information security teams and regular security.

We will highlight how threats against mid-tier organizations are still a threat to society because of Cl interdependencies and the distribution network setups. Failures in these organizations will have cascading and far-reaching effects Further up the supply chain. Without the more stringent security systems of their larger counter parts, mid-tier companies are susceptible to a number of targeted attack approaches.


Derek Bourland

2:30 – 2:55

Security solutions and best practices for Power and Oil and Gas industries


Derek Bourland – Senior Product Manager, Cyber Security, Baker Hughes, a GE company

Session Description:

When looking at industrial cybersecurity it’s vitally important to utilize key best practices to mitigate risk based on your unique cyber profile and get the most out of your investment. Best practices that will be covered include:

– Prioritizing your assets by value and inherent risk
– Maintaining the cyber health of critical assets and protecting against various types of sophisticated threats
– Choosing the right partners to assist you in your cybersecurity program that best fits with an OT technology cycle
– Don’t just look at cybersecurity products but look at products that are cyber secure

2:55 – 3:15

Panel Discussion/Q&A


Greg Orloff – CBDO, IIoT World

Session Description:

– Open forum for virtual attendees to ask questions.


An entrepreneurial software engineer with global business leadership experience and a passion for digital transformation. Lucian has worked in the industrial software and automation industry since 1998. He holds a BSEE from Cleveland State University and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from Case Western Reserve University.

Robert is a Director in Trend Micro's Forward Looking Threat Research team, where he is involved in analysing the latest Cybercrime threats, specializing in researching the future threat landscape, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and coordinating investigations with international law enforcement. Robert is a regular presenter for the press and at

With 10+ years of experience in security leadership, Derek is recognized as a champion of new product design, market research, security consulting, and alliance building. He has spearheaded innovative programs, business plans, and cybersecurity strategies. Derek is repeatedly successful in driving revenue, capturing new opportunities, negotiating

Greg previously served as the CEO of Tangent Company, inventor of the Watercycle™, the only commercial residential direct potable reuse system in the country. Greg holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University, a Masters of Business Administration in International Business from Case