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Usability vs. Security The “Goldilocks and the three bears” story begins with a girl tasting porridge. The first bowl is too hot, the second is too cold, and the third is “just right.” This article considers mobile device security for organizations. The


12 million trucks, or about 5% of vehicles on U.S. roads, are aggregated into fleets for government or commercial use. About 42% of these are connected with telematics Fleet Management System (FMS) for efficiency and compliance with government Electronic Logging Data


Fintech is defined by technologies that span the cloud, mobile devices, blockchain, and AI for financial applications ranging from virtual currencies, to payment processing, money transfers, equity trading, and regulatory compliance, among others. There has been spectacular scaling in the sector


As the automotive industry adds more software and connections into vehicles, it simultaneously increases the probability of cyberattacks due to vulnerabilities. Right now, the average car has about 100 million lines of software code and 100 electronic control unit (ECUs),