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Founder & CEO, Falkonry

Nikunj founded Falkonry after realizing that valuable operational data produced in industrial infrastructure goes mostly unutilized in the energy, manufacturing and transportation sectors. Nikunj believes hard business problems can be solved by combining machine learning, user-oriented design & partnerships. Prior to Falkonry, Nikunj led software architecture and customer success for C3 IoT. Earlier, he led innovation teams at Oracle focused on database technology and led the creation of the Indexed DB standard for databases embedded inside all modern browsers. He holds both Masters and Ph. D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. He has contributed to standards at both W3C and IETF and is also a member of the ACM.


Predictive maintenance has become a standard phrase in the equipment business and it is taking hold with OEMs. However, maintenance teams are not seeing much use for it. For them, “predictive maintenance is like chasing one’s own tail” – a


Over the last several years of deploying AI into manufacturing, we have realized that the time value of our manufacturing engineers is quite high. Any time they spend transferring their knowledge to AI teams is frowned upon by them and