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Director of Product Marketing, OPSWAT

Matt Wiseman is the Director of Product Marketing at OPSWAT managing the OT product line. Matt’s focus is on product, engineering, product marketing and cybersecurity strategy. Matt has experience working in large industrial organizations and has worked to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for all key critical infrastructure industries. Prior to joining OPSWAT, Matt served in various cybersecurity strategy and global marketing leadership roles at Honeywell. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Western University and an MBA from Laurentian University. In addition, Matt has obtained a variety of cyber related certifications from the Department of Homeland Security, a GISF and is a member of the GIAC Advisory Board. Based in Canada, Matt enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, and playing sports and card games with friends and family.


Industrial Control Systems (ICS) form the backbone of essential infrastructures across various industries today, including power generation, water treatment, and oil and gas production. And because these systems monitor and control industrial processes, they are becoming an increasingly popular target