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Senior Principal Cryptographer, NXP

Joppe W. Bos is a senior principal cryptographer at the Competence Center for Cryptography and Security at NXP Semiconductors. He also currently serves as the Secretary of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and the co-editor of the Cryptology ePrint Archive. His research focuses on computational number theory and high-performance arithmetic as used in applied cryptography.


Following on from the first part of this article entitled, ‘Readying Industrial IoT Networks for Today’s Security Challenges’, which reviews the standardized way to approach security, this article goes through ways to protect against new and emerging threats. Protecting our valuables The


Cyber attacks can often seem like the opening scene of a science fiction movie. The mouse pointer starts gliding across a screen with purpose. A technician, looking up to review data on their monitor, sits motionless, frozen through the shock