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CEO and Consultant @ Vrana GmbH

Dr. Johannes Vrana: technology enthusiast, physicist, consultant, speaker, and trainer with 15+ years of experience in the inspection industry and 20+ in data science. His work ranges from digital transformation through applied ultrasonics to quantum optics, from quality assurance to science, and from large-scale industries to start-ups.

Dr. Vrana is leading multiple groups in national and international societies, mainly regarding digital transformation. He is well-published and received multiple awards. In 2023 he was identified by Onalytica as one of the Top 50 Influencers on Industry 4.0.

His company “Vrana GmbH” specializes in digital transformation consulting and solutions, R&D, training, and software development. Vrana GmbH offers holistic cyber-physical solutions including IIoT integration, digital twin design, and value creation from data.


1. Introduction The Fourth Industrial Revolution provides an opportunity to meaningfully serve society. Popular definitions of Digital Transformation have come from management consulting firms with little consideration of social impact (the why). Several review papers {Cited in DISO} reveal a void: