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Guillaume Crinon is Keyfactor’s Director of IoT Business Strategy. He joined the team in 2022 and is focused on supporting a variety of IoT verticals with PKI, certificate management, and firmware signing technology from the early product design stage through manufacturing, field deployment, and full lifecycle.

Guillaume brings 28 years of experience to the role. He is well-versed in the semiconductor and software industry and has expertise in IoT security, radio-frequency circuit design, business development, and team management. For the past 8 years, Guillaume has focused on IoT security technologies and bridging the security gap between IT and enterprise platforms and low-power connected devices.

Before joining Keyfactor, he was the IoT Strategy Manager for Security and Connectivity with Avnet Global. As part of the company’s IoT team, Guillaume managed Avnet-specific products, including a line of reprogrammable SIM cards (eUICC). He also led the development of a management platform that delivers secure over-the-air provisioning and upgrade services to IoT devices.

Guillaume graduated from Supélec in Paris (MSc in electrical engineering) and has co-authored 13 international patents in wireless systems, integrated circuit architectures, and security.

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