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With several years of experience in the sector, a technical background and a Degree in Communication from the Politecnico di Milano, Fabrizio Pozzato, 42, has been taking on the role of Marketing Manager at Alleantia since April.  

The importance of communication

For about fifteen years Fabrizio has played a fundamental role in the Integrated Automation magazine, a magazine of the Tecniche Nuove Publishing Group: a leading publishing house in the B2B magazine sector. He managed the communication plan of various players in the manufacturing world and successfully organized dedicated events.


After having addressed, in the first episode, the cloud computing service IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) today we move on to PaaS or Platform as a Service, remembering that the positioning that each type of service occupies within the pyramid,


A technology with great potential, which can optimize processes and solve problems, but which, without giving in to easy enthusiasm, must be carefully contextualized, under penalty of premature rejection. The Blockchain theme has been proposed several times in recent years and