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Product Manager, Energy Market Intelligence

Bret has worked in energy for 10 years analyzing energy markets using historical data, fundamental forecasts, statistics and machine learning.  During his career he has worked with renewable developers, financiers, regulators, independent power producers and utilities as they address the different goals and challenges associated with increased renewable generation and evolving technology.   With a passion for data and analytics he received a Master’s degree in Business Analytics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  As a Global Product Manager for Hitachi Energy, Bret oversees product strategy for historical data solutions, off-the-shelf market forecasts, data for market simulation engines, SaaS products and the Hitachi Energy machine learning platform.  Prior to his Product Management responsibilities, Bret analyzed congestion hedging data, supported prospective clients as a pre-sales resource, and built new SaaS solutions focused on market price analysis and greenfield renewable generation development.