Elevating OT Security: Insights on Metrics, Management, and Innovation

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OT Security

Elevating OT Security: Insights on Metrics, Management, and Innovation

This dialogue with Terence Liu, the CEO of TXOne Networks, during the S4x24, highlights the unique challenges that OT systems face compared to IT systems and underscores the necessity for specialized security solutions to protect the critical infrastructure powering various sectors.

Tailored Solutions for OT Security

Terence Liu shares examples of how TXOne Networks is addressing these challenges with precision. One notable solution is an inspection tool designed for the initial integration of new machinery. This proactive measure ensures systems are free from malware upon introduction, which is crucial for industries blending legacy with modern machinery where uninterrupted operation is paramount.

For systems across diverse operating systems, from the older Windows NT to newer versions, TXOne’s antivirus solution, Stellar, offers dedicated protection for critical applications. This strategy is indispensable in OT environments where traditional IT security measures fall short due to operational requirements.

Enhancing Industrial Network Security

The conversation also explores the role of networking appliances in strengthening industrial network security. Through TXOne’s EdgeIPS and EdgeFire, industries are equipped with tools for effective network segmentation and virtual patching, which are critical for managing vulnerabilities without disrupting operational processes.

Navigating Vulnerability Management

Terence Liu addresses the challenge of managing vulnerabilities, especially when updates could interrupt operations. He explains how TXOne’s network appliances enable network segmentation across networks of various sizes. This scalability ensures tailored solutions for any network size, integrating segmentation, virtual patching, and protocol monitoring to shield vulnerabilities comprehensively.

Measurable Metrics in OT Security

The interview emphasizes the importance of establishing measurable metrics for OT security management. Internal network attacks and viruses detected can be used as a metric for evaluating ICS security effectiveness. By monitoring the number of internal network attacks and viruses detected, organizations can assess the effectiveness of their OT security measures in preventing and detecting threats. This metric can help organizations identify areas where their security measures need strengthening to improve their overall cybersecurity posture.

Other metrics to consider for OT security management include the number of unwanted network access attempts and the number of unwanted file transfers.

Terence Liu‘s insights during the S4x24 interview provide valuable perspectives for companies aiming to strengthen their defenses amidst the complexity of cyber threats. With specific examples and innovative solutions, the discussion offers practical guidance for tackling the unique challenges of OT security, highlighting the critical balance between maintaining operational integrity and ensuring robust cybersecurity measures.

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