Hamburg Secures Pre-Paid Pilot Through AcceliGOV Competition

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Hamburg Secures Pre-Paid Pilot Through AcceliGOV Competition

As the world begins to make the pivotal shift to renewable energy, solar and wind solutions dominate the industry. Yet these technologies on their own are not sustainable enough to bring us out of the climate crises we face. To help address this challenge for future generations, Leading Cities launched a second round of AcceliGOV, a global competition of cities, to provide them with a ground breaking renewable energy education solution like no other. This competition offered municipalities around the world the chance to compete for a pre-paid pilot of a globally sourced, expert-vetted solution provided by Bioo—selected from among 500 solutions in 44 countries.

The winner of Leading Cities’ 2021 AcceliGOV competition and the Bioo Education pilot is Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg was selected from 7 finalists, including Athens, Greece; Stockholm, Sweden; and Torino, Italy. As a  result winning this competition, Hamburg will receive Bioo Education kits for 10 high schools to educate their youth on Bioo’s revolutionary technology—which generates electricity from soil and plants.

“Bioo’s innovative technology represents the future of renewable energy supplied 24 hours a day, every day,” said Mike Lake, president and CEO of Leading Cities. “Providing the Bioo Education STEM module to youth in Hamburg, will not only teach a new generation about the importance of using renewable energy and the science behind this revolutionary solution, it also serves as an inspiration for students to explore their own ingenuity, understand entrepreneurship, and pursue their own dreams for global impact.”

Bioo leverages the electricity produced as a result of the decomposition of organic substances within soil by bacteria, rainwater and irrigation. During the molecular break down process, electrons are freed. Bioo technology captures these electrons effectively generating electricity from nature. With the Bioo Education kit, students can learn first-hand how to generate electricity from nature with a materials kit, pedagogical plan and digital platform. They will see biological batteries as new sources of energy generation, diving into the practical knowledge of key contents of Biology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry and Technology.

Hamburg students in the 9th to 13th grade are now tasked with building these bio-batteries. The material they need for this can be found in the experimental sets. “I am particularly convinced that these scientific experiments will inspire young scientists, further fueling their interest in sustainability and arousing their interest in studying science,” says Kerstin Kuchta, Vice President of Teaching at TU Hamburg.

As the champion of Leading Cities’ 2021 QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge, Bioo provides the grand prize for AcceliGOV- educating younger generations on the energy generation solution of the future with a no-cost pilot of this STEM education module.

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About the Author

Mike LakeMichael Lake is the President and CEO of Leading Cities, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Leading Cities’ mission is to achieve a sustainable planet by leading with Smart Cities. As President and CEO, Michael establishes and develops relationships with municipal governments, businesses, non-profit organizations and universities around the world, creating a global network of partner cities dedicated to implementing Smart City solutions.


  • Gesine Liese
    July 2, 2021

    We from the Institute of Biocatalysis ( at the Hamburg University of Technology ( are proud to inspire students from 10 schools with this really interesting project! Our entire NachwuchsCampus-Team ( is working together with students of our university and the Bioo-Team in Spain ( getting this project prepared for implementation at the start of the new school year in August 2021! Thank you AcceliGOV Leading Cities ( for this fantastic prize!

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