Industrial IoT Cybersecurity:
from the shop floor
to the board room

Virtual Conference sponsored by Cisco and Trend Micro

August 1st, 2018

1:00 PM until 2:30 PM (EST)

What you'll learn:

Challenges continue to grow for the ICS security community. Blurring boundaries between IT, OT and IoT are increasing the need for more integrated, collaborative cybersecurity strategies. This 90 minutes virtual conference is designed to answer some essential questions about ICS cybersecurity: how to build a better view of our ICS, how to combat the rise of the sophisticated attacker. In the second session, we will discuss incremental steps you can take to build a robust and secure foundation and then build up to greater and more secure connectivity. The third session will be focused on business and cybersecurity challenges in the IIoT era with discussion surrounding best practices and recommendations.

Session Schedule / Agenda

lucian fogoros

Welcome Introduction 1:00 – 1:05


Lucian Fogoros – Co-Founder, IIoT World

ICS Security – It’s Time for Strategy, Not Tactics 1:05 – 1:25


Eric Byres – P.Eng, ISA Fellow, CEO, aDolus Inc.

Session Description:

– Combating the rise of the sophisticated attacker

– If you don’t know where you are… (Building better view of our ICS)

– Using and understanding the Attacker Kill Chain


Robert Albach Cisco

How to Evolve your Plant Security from Today’s Reality to Tomorrow’s Connected Factory 1:25 – 1:50


Robert Albach – Sr. Product Line Manager, Cisco

Session Description:

Everybody has a vision for the future of manufacturing – Industry 4.0 and more. But what always seems to be left out is how to get there. We know where we are – we might know our security status as well – but the questions remains how do we get to where we want to be? This session talks about incremental steps you can take to build a strong, secure foundation and then build up to greater and more secure connectivity.

Cybersecurity for Operational Technology Environment 1:50 – 2:15


Richard Ku – Sr. Vice President of Trend Micro IoT Security Business

Session Description:

Business and Cyber Security challenges in the new convergence between IT and Ot with discussion surrounding best practices and recommendations.

Panel Discussion/Q&A 2:15 – 2:30


Greg Orloff – CBDO, IIoT World

Session Description:

Open forum for virtual attendees to ask questions about industrial cybersecurity.


Eric Byres is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of industrial control system (ICS) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) cybersecurity. He is the inventor of the Tofino Security technology – the most widely deployed ICS-specific firewall in the world – licensed by industry giants Honeywell, Schneider Electric, and Caterpillar. Eric is also known for his leadership in international standards and research for industrial

Robert Albach is the Sr. Product Line Manager – IoT Security for Cisco Systems, Inc. Mr. Albach is responsible for industrial security planning within the security portfolio. He joined Cisco in 2010 when he defined and delivered three network security solutions with the most recent – Cisco’s first Industrial Security Appliance. Prior to his Cisco tenure, he guided

Richard Ku has been involved in Cyber Security for over 28 years, serving as a threat researcher and engineer. He has managed and developed many security products and services across different customer segments and verticals. Richard is currently the Senior Vice President of Commercial IoT Business & Market Development at Trend

An entrepreneurial software engineer with global business leadership experience and a passion for digital transformation. Lucian has worked in the industrial software and automation industry since 1998. He holds a BSEE from Cleveland State University and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from Case Western Reserve University. He has worked in various