ARC Advisory Group Announces Sustainability Data as a Service

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Sustainability Data as a Service

ARC Advisory Group Announces Sustainability Data as a Service

ARC Advisory Group announced during the ARC Forum 2024 the release of Sustainability Data as a Service (SDaaS). This subscription-based service provides a use case-centric view of key opportunities related to energy transition and sustainability in the global industrial marketplace. SDaaS combines the qualitative market perspective of ARC domain experts with extensive quantitative market data capabilities to provide unmatched insight into key trends and growth areas of within process and discrete industries to uncover specific sustainability-related business opportunities.

According to ARC Advisory Group vice president Mike Guilfoyle, “Energy transition and sustainability is the biggest market opportunity of our time. With SDaaS, you can accelerate your organizational capacity to identify, track, and capitalize on the largest industrial market disruptor as it occurs, and you can easily pinpoint, understand, and compare as-is and forecasted opportunities so you can better align organizational capabilities.”

Leverage ARC’s Qualitative And Quantitative Expertise

ARC is globally respected for the breadth and depth of expertise of its renowned analyst team. Additionally, the company is the world’s leader in tracking technology development related to the operations of industry, energy, and infrastructure. SDaaS combines these two unique competencies, blending expert use case analysis with comprehensive, robust database.

Visualize By Industry, Use Case, And Technology

SDaaS enables its users to create their own datasets, including any combination of use case, technology, region, or industry, providing a clearer view of addressable markets tailored to specific needs. SDaaS enables quick mapping of market opportunities to specific technologies, products, applications, and service offerings. With SDaaS, solution providers can truly improve their ability to inform technology and investment decisions and understand and pursue immediate revenue opportunities.

Sustainability Offers Substantial Business Opportunities

Energy transition and sustainability are now being woven into the core business strategies of industrial companies, who now have the mandate and opportunity to tackle environmental and social challenges. Companies who are more advanced in their digital journeys are already integrating sustainability and energy transition initiatives, together with competitive excellence, resilience and agility, and workforce goals, into comprehensive strategies driving towards becoming focused, integrated, digital organizations.

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