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IIoT & Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Conference Recordings

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These presentations were recorded with live interactive audience November 14, 2017. The virtual conference was focused on how Industrial IoT (IIoT) is impacting the manufacturing landscape.

About this Virtual Conference

This virtual conference was designed to be a virtual half day conference on the topic of IIoT and its benefits for manufactures including a market overview, best practices in terms of implementing IIoT from sensor through to platform, and how to leverage the resulting platform to achieve strategic business benefits through the use of Predictive Analytics.

Each session was recorded and has been provided below. The first three sessions focus on how IIoT is impacting manufacturers. The sessions start with an overview of the marketplace, provide guidance towards the first steps in strategizing a platform, and then describing how enterprises are using IIoT data to do predictive maintenance and operations. The last video is a recording of the panelist session and Q&A from the live audience. Let us know what you think of future subjects:

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  • Market Overview: The current state of IIoT in Manufacturing & Market Trends
  • Transform your data into strategic business value with predictive analytics
  • Choosing the Right IIoT Platform Strategy from sensors to data


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Virtual Conference – Speakers

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